The formerly shoe-obsessed Wayne has agreed to let me share his shoe collection with my dear readers, which I believe both men and women and will appreciate.  He has sent me so many photos, that I will break them down into separate posts.  Commentary by Wayne himself:

A long time ago, I promised that if I ever got a camera, I’d show off some of my shoe collection.  Now that I got a Canon over the holidays, I’d like to show off a little of my clog collection. First, a pair of “black patent” Anna clogs:

Anna Black Patent Clogs

I don’t know what the hell that is on my clogs; and I know simple soap and water won’t get it off.  (If you know any cleaning solutions…)  BTW: Almost all of my shoes have been up against a wall with the other side being outside. There must be a high moisture content because I lost 2 pair of shoes to it last October, and 3 shoes overall.

Back to the clogs. Two pair of camo clogs from AM-Toeffln:

BGW Camo Clogs
BGT Camo Clogs

Now, a blue snake print pair from Tessa Clogs:

Blue Snake Print Tessa Clogs

And the 4 pair collectively (on a treadmill my mom bought before I moved back in 8 years ago that’s collecting dust downstairs):

Men's Wooden Clogs

Stay tuned for several more posts courtesy of Wayne!  Thanks for sharing!