This is the fourth post in a series that showcases the formerly shoe-obsessed Wayne’s shoe collection. Commentary by Wayne himself:

How many men do you know have Dr. Scholl sandals?

Dr. Scholl's Men's Sandals

I bought them from an online store out of Munich, Germany way back in the Spring of 2001. I also bought these from Atelier Fusaro:

Berkemann Sandals

A pair of Berkemann sandals. These were recommended to me by the U.S. division of Dr. Scholl’s, Brown Shoe, who has refused to sell the traditional Dr. Scholl’s to men over here. Incidentally, these are both metric 43; while my shoe size is 44, I can’t wear arched insoles because I have flat feet, so I have to wear shoes a size smaller.

I bought these Versace wooden sandals on sale back in 2000; unfortunately, I made the mistake of getting them in 44, and my feet hurt every damn time I wore them:

Versace Wooden Sandals

A pair of D&G leather thongs with mirrored accents:

D&G Citrus Thongs

BTW: If you look at the fabric around the mirrored accents, they’re citrus-colored, and until recently, these shoes actually gave off a citrus-scent!

Thanks for sharing Wayne! I love the Versace sandals. Dislike the thongs. But I’m sure you knew that already. 🙂