Even though I have a wall in my master closet full of built-in cubbies for my shoes, we still have shoes strewn though out the whole entire house. Our laundry room right off the attached garage is the culprit for most of the discarded pairs of shoes that get kicked off mine and my kids’ feet. Even though I have a storage bench in that room, you have to lift up the seat to get to the storage part, and the seat is usually filled up with piled up laundry! I think we currently have four laundry baskets currently full of shoes that need put away.

I really like this antique-looking Bentley 5697 Shoe Cabinet by Wayborn (shown above) as you can access the storage part on this bench from the front while sitting down (or filled with folded laundry ready to put away):

The Bentley Shoe Cabinet is like no other shoe rack, with a beautiful antique design. The bench top makes it a cinch to sit while putting on or taking off your shoes, with storage nearby for 12 of your favorite pairs. Organize your footwear in style with the Bentley Shoe Cabinet. Featuring a sitting bench on the top, this exquisite shoe cubby is perfect for your entry way or bedroom.