Wanna Get Lucky? Wear Aerosoles Mules

Kim in Aerosoles Mules

I had been eyeing these Aerosole Mules at Famous Footwear for weeks, but I already have several pairs of brown mules, so couldn’t justify my purchase. But when shopping at the Outlets at Castle Rock while visiting a friend in Denver, I found them on sale at the Factory Brand Shoe Store (and they also accept your Famous Footwear Rewards Card for purchases!)

Only problem, they didn’t have my size in stock. But, they would ship them to me for free! Of course, I had tried them on several times to know exactly size what size I needed. Did you know that Size 7 1/2 is the most common shoe size among American women? Guess I’m a common girl!

When my Aerosole Mules arrived at home in good ‘ole Nebraska the following week, my friend said I should send him a picture of me wearing them. Do you know how hard it is to take a picture of yourself and get both your feet and your smile in the picture? Acrobatics were involved.

I think these shoes look best with a pair of long, slightly flaired jeans. My friend thinks they would look best on the floor in a heap of clothing beside his bed. 🙂

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Kim, lover of all things shoes, is the self-proclaimed President of Shoeaholics Anonymous. Follow Kim’s Personal Accounts on Google and Twitter. And see all of Kim’s blogs at KIMarketing.com.

9 thoughts on “Wanna Get Lucky? Wear Aerosoles Mules

  1. ok, so the friend says your shoes would look nice on his floor with a pile of your clothes. and your site says u r man-hunting, so what wrong with your friend, as in why arent u into him? hes obviously got sense enuff to know where shoes go….LOL! i admire u a ton, girl. aint no way i could ever get on the web and share my life, much less my bit of cyberspace with the whole freakin world. all i can say is “u go girl!”, and while i am at it, nice name u have there–same as mine. are u a pisces too? u seem to have my same thing about shoes, love ’em but sorta gotta justify having 10 or more pairs in teh same color. i do that too. well, enjoy your new house. the man to share it can come later. ooh, wanna have some serious fun with your readers? let ’em critique your future dates based on their photos and what u observe about them. now that would be wild. of course, if u must do the guy-hunting thing, take some friendly advice: if u look hard, u wont find him. if u stop looking, the right guy might fal in your lap, but its safest to do as we southern gals were taught and that is to allow friends to introduce you to other friends, & thus meet the perfect guy. trust me it works. after marrying 2 of the biggest losers on the planet, i finally found my soulmate after i got introduced to him by a mutual friend, and we celebrated our 2nd anniversary recently tho we have been together for a whole 4 yrs. trust me, it works. good luck.,

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