Vibram FiveFingers Komodo Sport LS

Vibram FiveFingers Women's Komodo Sport LS

It’s been over a year since I last wrote about Vibram Five Fingers, and although I still wouldn’t be caught dead in them, I have been seeing more and more people wear the ugly Vibram Shoes so figured a new post was due. I can’t say I’ve seen anyone here in hickville (aka Northeast Nebraska) wear them, but I always see a couple of guppies (or yuppies maybe) wearing them at conferences that I attend. Either they really, really like how they simulate walking barefoot (and are known to stimulate muscles in your feet and lower legs to build strength and improve range of motion) or they wear them as a conversation piece for attention. Or both. I vote the latter, as I like to wear “different” shoes that people notice. Shoes are a great ice-breaker. Like in my case, for instance, women (and men) compliment my sassy sandals by saying, “I love your shoes.” When I respond with “Thank you”, I will compliment them back or ask a question if I want to continue the conversation (sometimes I don’t!). As for those wearing Real Vibram Five Fingers, I’m presuming the question they are asked most is “Are they really comfortable?” Of course, they all say yes, or why else would they be wearing them?

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