Vegetarian Shoes?

I’m not ever sure how I came across vegetarian when looking at shoes. I  think that  Vegetarians wear any shoes, but Vegan’s choose not to wear shoes made of leather? The best part of this ad is that the color is celery which falls in place with Vegetarian. I think they come in lime too. So, whether you’re a vegetarian or not, and Croc’s have you covered. Or your feet anyway.

[phpbay]crocs, 2[/phpbay]

4 thoughts on “Vegetarian Shoes?

  1. I suppose to answer the questions – in line with the vegetarian society
    vegetarians do not use goods made of leather.
    Alternative soles .com do a nice range of vegetarian shoes. The only problem is the prices are reasonable & Ive been buying a few to many lately

    veggie girl

  2. I’ve been looking for a pair of comfortable shoes and I have been searching more what I
    really want untill I found the site while just browsing internet that offer the wide selection for women and men vegan shoes.each of them have very unique style.
    Their shoes are vegan friendly and veggie friendly, hemp uppers, faux leather lining,and foot forms. You can visit to their website to see all kinds of friendly shoes you desire.

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