Asgi Underestimated Comfort

Kim Asgi

[Note from Kim: the wonderful folks from Asgi sent us this pair of shoes for review (thanks much).   Asgi is a new shoe company that creates  comfortable women’s shoes designed in Venice, Italy. Asgi combines  a state-of-the-art, patent-pending technology called Soleplex with  stylish designs.   Since Squeak and I both wear 7.5 (although she is probably closer to a size 7 and me to a size 8 ) that is the size they sent.   The first pic of me (I look “puffy”), and although extremely comfortable (and I really like them), they were a tad small for me, so Squeak is the new proud owner of them.]

If  you are looking for a comfortable shoe, I’ve found what you’re looking for! The comfort of ASGi is underestimated.  I’m not kidding you, these are some of the most comfortable shoes. Best yet they are still cute. How often do you find comfortable and cute in the same pair of shoes? I think a lot of it has to do with the heel/sole. There are several other styles of ASGi to choose from on plus Endless is currently offering $20 off right now!

ASGI Gaia Wedge Sandal available from  (available in Black, Gray &/or Gold)

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