Ugh for Uggs!

I know UGG’s are popular but really, $53.95 for infant booties? Think about it, they only wear them for about two months as their feet are growing on a consistant basis. Think about how many pair of cute little shoes you could buy for that much money! Heck, I could get a couple pair of adult shoes for that price. Ok, now I am just plain rambling, if you like them then go for it, you can find Ugg Kids – Baby Crochet Booties at

[phpbay]uggs, 2[/phpbay]

3 thoughts on “Ugh for Uggs!

  1. None of my friends will be receiving those as baby gifts! I think Grandma Betty could crochet some cuter booties for under a buck!

  2. The little crocheted Uggs are darling, but honestly my mom could make these for a fraction of retail. Don’t they look like those crocheted slippers that every mom made back in the 60’s and 70’s?

    Man, I wish I could crochet…

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