Trendy Kicks: 4 Innovative Shoes You Should Investigate

With advancements in science and technology, competition between shoe companies is at an all-time high. Many companies have come up with innovative shoes to bring in the buyer. From the pretty to the just plain weird, here are the four shoes that deserve your attention.

Vibram Bikila Evo

A design that has playfully become known as the “toe shoe,” Vibram has created a series of shoes designed for runners and athletes.  They have become just as popular with those that prefer to sit on the couch. These are the most aesthetically-challenged shoes on our list, but they provide such a level of comfort that you won’t even notice the looks of disdain from the fashionistas in your life. The Bikila Evo model is available in an assortment of colors, and their thin sole makes it feel as if you’re running barefoot, minus the pain of small rocks and thorns.

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Inov FastLift 370 Boa

The FastLift 370 Boa has a futuristic look without hitting a level of ridiculousness. This shoe is lace-free, but Inov’s patented closure system ensures that no slippage takes place regardless of the activity or terrain. The closure system features a dial to adjust the tightness of the shoe with a quick turn.  It also locks in place to prevent the dial from becoming loose.

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Nikelab X Sacai Dunk Lux

Using science and extensive testing, Nike has updated their classic basketball shoe. This version of the original design cuts out the traditional laces, which allow the shoes to be slipped on without any hassle. They’ve used memory foam—yes, the material that composes your favorite mattress – in the tongue and collar of the shoes to provide extra comfort.

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WWE Women’s Button Boots

WWE Women’s Button Boots

Knitted boots have a much more aesthetic look than other popular models, but they seldom include the warmth and comfort of their competitors. WWE has made a knitted boot that not only keeps it shape, but it is also lined with a thick layer of faux fur to prevent moisture and cold from reaching your feet. Its design consists of black knit with a white liner, and are available with different WWE stars’ logos including Brie Bella, Nikki Bella, Randy Orton and Roman Reigns. These are perfect for the person who wants comfort without feeling like they’re in a science fiction novel.

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Sometimes innovation is as simple as tweaking a common element while other times designers take it to a completely different level. If you dream it, simply give it a year and it may very well become a reality.