Top Reasons to Pull those Flats out of the Closet, Ladies

5 Epic Reasons to wear Flats with Every Outfit
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So you’re looking to gain a few inches or add a little glamour to an outfit. Adding a pair of heels is the only way to do that, right? Wrong. In one year in the United States alone, over 123,000 injuries related to wearing high heels were treated in emergency rooms.

While the fashion world has created a culture that teaches you that heels are the only way to dress up an outfit, flats beg to differ. These days there are thousands of shoe choices that allow you to have comfort and style instead of choosing between the two.

What Are Flats?

Called flats due to the fact that these shoes essentially have no heel, they’ve quickly become the perfect alternative to an uncomfortable pair of heels. Flats have the ability to be dynamic and fashion forward without breaking the bank.

There are a variety of styles you can choose from, ranging from round toe to pointed, embellished, classic, or with the addition of an ankle strap. From now on picking a pair of shoes will be effortless, with flats bringing a compliment to any outfit.

The best part? You can choose a pair of flats that fit your particular style and personality. Find the color, pattern, or toe shoe that fit you best and wear them no matter the event.

1. Your Feet Will Thank You

Let’s be honest, heels hurt. Even if you’re lucky enough to find a pair that brings some level of comfort, after a few hours you’ll regret your decision. Why put your feet through that misery?

Heels not only cause serious foot issues but they impede your stability and even cause long term issues in your legs and back. Your posture will also suffer as you try to release some of the tension you’re feeling in your back.

And believe it or not, those heels you love so much can actually change the very structure of your foot, leading to bunions and altering the alignment of your Achilles tendon. The tendons and ligaments in your arch will also start to tighten when can lead to plantar fasciitis. There are a number of flats, for instance, Barking Dog Shoes, that give you style and comfort while also taking care of conditions you’re suffering as a result of your love for heels.

2. Dress Them up or Down

Contrary to popular belief, you don’t need a fancy pair of heels to dress up a outfit. With the variety of styles in flats, you’re certain to find one for any type of occasion.

Whether it be a pair of nude colored flats with a sundress or an embezzled option with your favorite jeans, there’s no wrong way to wear flats. These types of shoes are a great alternative to the casual vibe of a pair of flip flops or sandals that you might choose.

With mules and slides being at the top of the most popular list of shoes this season, you’ll be sure to turn heads no matter the event with a pair of flats that leave you both memorable and comfortable.

3. Style Without Sacrificing the Height

Many women love heels simply for the fact it will give them extra height. This is why the thought of giving that up for a pair of sensible flats strikes fear in their hearts.

Just because you aren’t wearing high heels doesn’t mean you have the sacrifice those inches. One of the most popular trends right now is a good pair of platform flats. They add attitude to any outfit while still keeping your head high, literally.

Not only will you benefit from those extra inches as if you were wearing a trusty pair of heels, but you’ll also stay comfortable and your feet won’t be suffering.

4. Make a Statement

If your wardrobe consists of a lot of neutral colors, consider investing in a fun, colorful pair of flats. This will take any outfit from drab to fab and enhance your look.

Animal print is one of the top selling patterns this season and is the perfect addition to your favorite neutrals. You’ll see a lot of variations that include snake print, leopard, and even cheetah. You can partner them with a pop of color to show off your style and make a statement.

5. Practical over One Time Wear

You don’t have to be on your feet all day to appreciate a pair of comfortable shoes. The best part? You don’t have to sacrifice style for comfort. Gone are the days of buying a pair of uncomfortable heels for a one time wear. Now you can invest in a pair of flats that you’ll wear consistently that can be paired with a variety of outfits for a variety of occasions.

Not only are they a great alternative to heels, but they’re also long-lasting and won’t be a one time wear. You’ll be able to support your feet while keeping an air of sophistication and class.


Gone are the days when you felt like your outfit wasn’t up to par because your shoes weren’t bringing their A game. Now you can combine style and comfort in the best of ways with the perfect pair of flats.

Your feet are going to be with you forever, why not take care of them? Opting for a fun pair of flats over sky-high heels will have your feet thanking you and your friends asking for fashion advice.

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