Safety Footwear Photo

Right safety footwear plays an important role if you are into any kind of occupation which has serious hazards associated with it. These jobs such as mining, construction, development etc. if not done with proper safety may result in serious injuries and in most extreme cases death. However, with the growing technology as well as evolving world, there are a number of safetyequipment which have been designed to keep you safe in every condition.

Choosing the right type of footwear prevents your leg and toes from serious injuries which may leave you crippled for life. Therefore follow these 6 tips and find yourself the right kind of footwear to be used in the work environment.

  1. Protecting the metatarsal region

No matter what kind of safety footwear you buy, make sure that these protect your foot from metatarsal injuries. Such injuries take an awfully long time to recover and may also result in excruciating pain for a week or two. There are shoes designed to cover the toes and insole of your foot and hence absorb any pressure which comes across these parts, thereby preventing you from damaging or breaking any metatarsal bones.

  1. Buy Yourself Composite Safety Toes Boots

The trend of using steel toe boots is slowly going out of trend and workers now prefer composite safety toes which are made of materials which are not metal. Such composite safety boots not only protect the toes of the worker but also don’t weigh him/her down. Also for workers who are into electric drilling, chain cutting kind of business, it serves as a resistance to electricity and hence saves them from the hazards of electrocution.

  1. Pay Special Focus on outsoles as well

People often tend to pay attention to ensuring the safety and quality of their insole however one shouldn’t ignore the outsoles as well. A good outsole serves a great purpose in while working in a gas, oil kind of environment. It offers a great grip on the shoe wearer and prevents him/her from slipping in such areas. Choose shoes with comfortable, cushioned as well as awater-resistant outsole for the best results.

  1. Consider Instep as well

The right type of safety shoes should also have the correct instep which offers an added resistance against slipping. The instep shouldn’t be too tight; neither should it be too loose, it should be perfectly aligned with the shape of the foot. Choose the instep which doesn’t make your heel or toe pain, instead offer the needed cushion and grip required for comfortable working throughout the day.

  1. Ball of your shoes should accommodate the heel

Buy yourself safety shoes which perfectly accommodate the ball of your foot ensuring that it stays in its place. Don’t buy shoes with a short ball as then your heel would rest forwards inside the boot leaving your toe in an awkward paining position.

  1. Last is the Heel

The heel of your boot often tends to slip initially and it is at this time that you ought to be careful in your working space. Gradually as you use your new safety shoes the heel will break and the sole will flex, making the entire slipping disappear. One of the other ways you can make the slipping disappear is to walk and use these boots at home so that you aren’t subjected to any serious injuries at the workplace.

These 6 tips should definitely be followed while working in occupations of hazards. Don’t drop the idea of buying safety shoes as neglecting this now can cost your life or ability to walk in future.