A shoe is one of the most perfect items in our clothing wardrobes. Shoes always fit right,even when we put on or lose weight! Shoes these days come in all shapes and sizes. And with the go-green trend, we even have Eco friendly shoes that are trendy and fashionable. Whether it is running, walking or climbing it is shoes that really make your outfit.

Things that can be used to make Eco friendly footwear:

  1. Wood that is sustainable
  2. Car tires that can be recycled
  3. Carpet padding that is recycled
  4. Cotton that is grown organically
  5. Corks
  6. Bamboos
  7. Crepe or rubber that is grown naturally from trees

Five shoes that are Eco-friendly and fashionable:

1. Floral flat:
A floral flat is a shoe that is made by Corso Como. The material used in these shoes is adorable. These shoes are hand-made and non-toxic vegetable based dye is used on the leather.They also use recycled paper to make the wrapping as well as the shoe boxes. Also, Corso Como generously donates a percentage of all their sales to charities that support child education.

2. Charmone:
The Charmone shoe brings together luxury as well as a cruelty-free unique, sexy style to footwear. Each of these shoes is made in Brazil or Italy where a an effort is made to protect people, animals and our planet. These shoe-making factories do not use sweat shops. Charmone Shoes donates a percentage of their profits to organisations that support the environment, people and animals.

3. Form & Fauna Pleated Dove Shoe:
The Form & Fauna Pleated Dove Shoe is made in a complete retro style. Its soft colors and elite look make this a very desirable part of every wardrobe. Form & Fauna ensure these shoes are made Eco friendly in every sense. Each shoe is made from all sustainable materials and these are all recyclable. Every shoe has a plush Eco liner and is therefore as easy on your feet as it is easy on your eyes too.

4. Olsen Haus:
The Olsen Haus shoes is a beautiful line of footwear that was created by Elizabeth Olsen in 2008. Elizabeth is a very strong advocate against using animals for clothing or food. Olsen Haus uses sustainable material like organic cotton to create stunning designs and highlights to the world that vegan can be sexy too. Not only is this brand of shoes eco-friendly and hep, these shoes are also very affordable. Priced at a comfortable $100 or $200 the Olsen Haus shoes are a perfectly attainable ethical luxury.

5. Melissa Happy Shoe:
‘Happy feet” is what you will have when you sport these shoes. The Melissa Happy Shoe is made from patented Mel Flex plastic that can be recycled. Every shoe has a patent toe and velvet body. However, what makes the Melissa Happy Shoe ease through your day is its highlight – a removable bow.

Shoes are an integral part of everyone’s life. With the rising consciousness towards our environment, eco-friendly shoes too have risen to the occasion. Now there is no need for any compromise on your style. You have indeed beautiful eco friendly shoes for your beautiful feet.