Top 3 Chinese Laundry Holiday Shoes

I’m thinking I need to have a Shoeaholics Anonymous Christmas Party just so I have an excuse to buy a new pair of holiday shoes! Plus wouldn’t it be fun for a bunch of shoe addicts to get together and show off our shoes to others that appreciate our shoe passion?!

Anyway, here are my top three picks from Chinese Laundry’s Holiday Collection, all of which are available directly from

Chinese Laundry Hot 4 It Suede Double Platform Sandals, $169

Chinese Laundry Haylie Chiffon peep-toe platform bootie, as seen in Style Watch Magazine (October ’10 issue), $89

Chinese Laundry Money Maker Extreme Fabric Platform Sandals with oversized jewels, $119

Which Chinese Laundry holiday shoes are your favorite?

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