TOMS Shoes Debuts Vegan Shoe Line in Support of Shark Week

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Protecting marine life never looked this comfortable.  TOMS, who recently released their “shark” shoe line in support of August 2012 Shark Week, has combined comfort and eco-fashion to protect the 400-million-year-old endangered species. A shoe-in for the survival of sharks, TOMS’ aim is to raise funds for the defence of sharks, and their aquatic environment. Proceeds of the stylish slip-on footwear will go to marine foundations who champion this cause.

Currently a globally declining population, sharks remain the scapegoats of the ocean; a source of fear and misunderstanding to people who continue to participate in destructive overfishing. Despite their popular reputation as terrifying creatures, these predators play an essential ecological role within oceanic spheres. Their presence within the seven seas is not only essential to the survival of certain sea species, but to coastal communities whose economies rely on fishing.

TOMS founder, Blake Mycoskie, first decided to make a bid for the survival of sharks after he came across cutting-edge research techniques developed by the University of Miami’s RJD scientists. Inspired by their passion for tracking and saving threatened sharks, Mycoskie decided to partner with RJD in order to maintain the balance and health of the ocean.

With every purchase of TOMS shark shoes, a new pair will be given to a disadvantaged child,  something that the manufacturer has always done. The one-sided cinematic portrayals of sharks as human-hunters is evidence of how much we still have to learn about these mysterious predators. Change the stereotype by participating in this unparalleled public dialogue and take a stand. Support marine and earth conservation by buying TOMS eco-friendly vegan shoes online today; and don’t forget to and recycle old shoes wherever possible!

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