Tips to Help You Wear Boots the Right Way

Boots are undoubtedly one of the sexiest footwear that is there in the market and you can rest assured that with a boot on you, you will be taking the street by storm and turn some serious amounts of eyes. But the catch remains to be the fact that no matter whether you are wearing mens cowboy boots or cowboy boots for women, you will need to know how to wear it perfectly in order to ensure that the boot doesn’t end up giving you a sore leg with cuts and bruises. Well, here are 3 extremely important tips to help you put on the boot the next time around:

  1. High Heel Boots

One of the biggest fashion faux pas that most women commit when they are wearing boots is that they prefer to wear pumps rather than the high heel variants of the boots that are available in the market. Well, ladies, the high heel boots are the ultimate visual pleasure and sexiness quotient that you can ever attain and the pumps come nowhere close to them.

Don’t forget that one of the primary reasons behind wearing boots is to look ravishing and sexy and the heels are the one and only way to get hold of that. Take care to ensure that the heels are strong enough and that you are wearing the length of heel that you can carry easily and comfortably. The taller the heel, the higher the sexiness quotient!

  1. Have Your Dress Right

Yes, boots are amazing and they make you look beautiful on a completely different level, but the fact remains that the boot alone never complements the dressing and thus the need for ensuring that you are wearing the right kind of clothes along with your boots in order to bring out the maximum from them. For example, wearing short skirts and dresses with high rising knee high boots or cowgirl boots is the right thing to do and if you are thinking of wearing anything else, well, you will be making nothing but a fashion disaster.

Also you must keep in mind that certain boots are fit for a certain casual form of dressing or a formal type of dressing for office pants and all. This is extremely important and will ensure that you are not ending up wearing the wrong boots for the wrong occasions at the wrong time. Surely something you would love to avoid.

  1. Don’t Miss The Slouch

Slouch boots are the perfect footwear for you in case you are feeling retro and want to travel back in time to the glorious fashion conscious 1970s. The slouch boots look best when you get them in dark colors with contrast borders and wear them with skinny fit denims or leggings! Now that is some serious amount of bling that you just gave your feet!

With these 3 tips for wearing boots, rest assured that you will be the talking matter and the looking destination during the fall of 2012 when it comes to sexy footwear!

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