Tips For Buying Shoes Without Being In Massive Debt

Shoes are the most loved apparel to be bought by most men and women. These items come in various kinds and styles. More so, when these shoes are endorsed by famous celebrities either in movies or sports, these items become more expensive, but the question is, how can you buy shoes that perfectly suits you and your budget when you are overwhelmed with massive credit card debts.

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Check this blog post and see what else you need to do to afford it while considering your credit score.

Assess your needs

It is important that before you buy certain things, including expensive shoes, consider whether it is motivated by needs or wants. If it is really a necessity, like because your current shoes are already worn-out or broken and repairing it will not restore its functionality, you consider buying one or two pairs, but if it is just because you want it due to riding along the trends in fashion or because the latest model is already out in the market, then you need to reconsider your decision to buy. After all, it is your money and it is really up to you to decide.

Consider your shoe size

Practically, when you assess the need to buy your shoes, always consider your shoe size whether it would fit in or not. That is why it is safer to buy shoes in the malls than in online stores because you can be certain that what you will be buying will fit your size. Otherwise, your money will be wasted for buying something you cannot comfortably use.

Think of the Occasion

Not all shoe designs or types are appropriate for every occasion or purpose. That is why you need to consider the type of occasion where you will use the shoes that you are planning to buy. Whether it is a pair of sneakers or leather shoes, there are suitable styles for different occasions, but nowadays, the appropriateness of the designs has become more liberal than before. Rubber shoes can be worn on formal occasions in some instances. You just need to pick the right color that would match with your outfit.  

Consult your Bank or Credit Card Company

If you have considered the need and the type of shoes that would suit your size and taste, check out your payment options. If your money is not yet available and you will not be able to pay in cash, you can consider buying through your credit card. Just review your credit report, whether it has derogatory marks, or if it has a low credit rating. Consult your bank or credit card company about what arrangements can be done in order to pursue the purchase despite having massive debts.  

Make your Budget Planning

Before buying your desired shoes, plan ahead your finances specifically on how you are going to pay your current debt and the additional debt ones you pursue your shoe purchase plan. This entails either you cut your other expenses or increase your income. In doing so, you need to make a list of your expenses and classify it into either fix or variable expenses. Likewise, make a list of your income sources. When you reconcile that totality of your income and expenses, you can see if you still have enough room for shoe purchase. If the purchase will not be covered by your current income, then you may consider adding extra income so that you can still enjoy the shoes that you are going to buy.

Longevity of Use

Finally, when buying shoes, you also consider the quality of the shoes. What good would it bring you if the design fits your taste or if it is affordable when you cannot use it for a long period of time because of its low durability. It is definitely a waste of money, so when planning to buy, consider the materials used in manufacturing the shoes, and if you have friends or relatives whom you knew bought similar shoes, check their feedbacks whether it is durable or not. The longer the time you can use it, the more you can save money because it will either prevent you from spending due to repairs or worst buy new shoes again.


Be wise in your purchase, after all, it is your hard-earned money. Therefore, consider all these suggestions and you can enjoy whatever shoes you buy despite having a big debt.