These Socks Better Last Forever

The ad for these  New Balance Second Skin Racer Lo-Cut socks says they are so comfortable, that it makes you feel like you’re running barefoot. While I do believe in buying good socks, I’m thinking I could buy a pair of good running shoes and several pairs of socks for the price of these.    It also says the Arch support provides gentle compression lifts to support the arch and relieve arch-related pain  discomfort. Possibly these are so good one would not even need shoes. I guess I’m too cheap thrifty to pay $75.95  socks.   But if you want to, they are available from

2 thoughts on “These Socks Better Last Forever

  1. $76 dollars is far too expensive. I guess it’d be useful for professional athletes or people with foot problems (like those socks things you can wear in aeroplanes to stop your feet swelling) but if they’re so comfortable that it makes you think you’re running barefoot well why not run barefoot and save yourself a chunk of cash?

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