We all love heading out to see our friends and family for the holidays, but it’s also one of the hardest times of year to travel, especially if you’re flying long distances or have multiple lay-overs. It’s easy enough to pack everything you need to look great once you arrive at your destination, but what most of us forget about is finding the perfect outfit to actually travel in. We need comfort, but don’t want to look like a bum. We want to look fashionable, but not like we went all out just to sit on a plane for 10 hours. And, as all shoe addicts know, the first thing to consider when putting together any outfit is, of course: your shoes! So here are a few suggestions for cute, warm and comfortable travelling shoes that will help you get where you’re going on time, feeling fresh and looking great.

1. Slip-ons:

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One of the biggest hassles about flying is having to take your shoes on and off while going through security. Also, if you’re on a long flight, it’s great to be able to easily slip your shoes on and off without having to disturb your seatmate. If you have a lengthy flight ahead or are planning to go through security multiple times, slip-ons are great to wear to the airport or throw in a carry-on to change into before you board the plane. Pair some of these looks with stretchy skinnies or straight leg jeans, a soft T-shirt, a long comfy cardigan, or a soft blazer with a hoodie underneath.

2. Anything That is Basically a Slipper Disguised as a Real Shoe:

Woolrich Women's Hawthorn Moccasin,Ruby Knit,X-Large/9.5-10 M US - Womens Shoes Manitobah Mukluks 20266 Moccasin - Womens Shoes Koolaburra Women's Sonora Boot - Womens Shoes
We all love this type of shoe for the comfort factor. When you travel, though, you have make sure that the soles of the shoe are actually made to wear outdoors and are sturdy enough to do some fast-paced walking if need be. You don’t want your shoes making it harder to get through the airport. Aside from that, any of these options would be the perfect shoe for a short flight where you don’t plan on taking your shoes off and don’t have anywhere too formal to go once you arrive at your destination. You can dress these up or down, depending on your needs. Go all-out comfy and wear them with sweats or leggings, a big sweatshirt and a soft scarf. Or do a cool casual look and pair them with skinny jeans or drop crotch slacks, a white-T, some shades and a motorcycle jacket.

3. Soft Flats

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Flats are awesome for traveling and can often feel like you have nothing on, but make sure that the material is soft enough to keep your feet comfortable for an extended period of time. A lot of leather flats are comfortable for the first couple hours but then inevitably wreak havoc on your feet for the next five hours of your trip. If you want to wear leather flats when you travel, make sure the leather is very supple. Or just play it safe and go with soft fabric flats. Wear them with anything from wide leg jeans to leggings.

4. Walking Shoes

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If you are going to be doing some major traveling, or if you just want to ensure the comfort of your feet for the entire journey, the safest thing to do is opt for walking shoes. Most women shy away from sneakers because they don’t want to look like they just left the gym, but there are plenty of shoes designed with walking in mind that can be super cute, as well. Try some cool kicks and wear them as you would soft boots or slip-ons. Or try a fitted boot in a line made for comfort, like Camper or Gentle Souls.

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