The Work Boot Struggle: How to Find the Right Pair for Your Feet and Job

work boots

Finding a good pair of work boots takes much more than simply heading to any store and trying on a few. The right boots will feel comfortable on the feet and provide adequate support while also having the functionality needed for the type of job a person has. A person working in security will require different criteria than someone working construction, making it imperative to find the best kind suited for the job duties involved. It can be a true struggle to find the right pair, but with a few tips, anyone searching can manage the feat.

Consider the Environment

Some boots may hold up well if the job is indoor only, but not all will suffice if the job takes people outdoors as well. Workers need to consider the environment before making a decision. Those who may find themselves working in the rain, for example, would do better with a waterproof aspect. A pair of Ariat men’s waterproof work boots could be the right choice. People won’t find themselves feeling completely wet and uncomfortable if their feet remain warm and dry in their shoes. With temperature management features as well, many of these hold up well no matter if it’s hot or cold. This could come in handy for snowy cities where the feet would quickly become cold and uncomfortable if they weren’t properly protected.

Think About Safety

Many times footwear simply need to be sturdy and reliable to make it through the day. Those with a job involving equipment, however, need to strongly consider safety before choosing their pair. Steel toe boots are often the best choice for people in construction, welding, maintenance, or similar jobs that involve moving heavy objects or using machinery. Anything could fall on the feet and cause serious damage. A pair with reinforced toes can prevent serious injury from occurring. This is also true if there are dangers laying around as well. Nails in the ground will easily go through a soft sole, but they’ll have a tougher time making their way into a hard sole and steel toe. 

Check Company Policy

To find the perfect pair of work boots for the job, workers are going to have to check in with their company’s policy. Some locations may have strict rules regarding the shoes an employee wears, such as being slip-resistant, having steel toes, meeting safety standards, or perhaps even being a certain color. Many businesses seem to have specifications on whether they want white or black footwear only. Checking in with these policies will help narrow the search.

Make Sure They Fit Comfortably

No one should struggle through the day in a pair of boots, or any shoes for that matter, that feel tight and uncomfortable. Never settle for an uncomfortable fit just because it meets all other specifications. There is a pair out there that gives a person what they need while still remaining comfortable and wearable each and every day. It’s important to try them on at the store, or once they’ve arrived if they were ordered online, to see how they feel. If they don’t make the feet feel good, then they are not the right option and should be sent back. A good pair of insoles could go a long way in keeping feet comfortable. If the boots meet all criteria and feel mostly comfortable with just a little room for improvement, then adding some insoles may be what puts them over the edge. There are support insoles that can come in handy for the working day. 

The right pair of work boots can be hard to find, but knowing where to start will help make the process easier. Each person searching for their next set, or perhaps their first, should think about safety, the environment in which they work, the job duties they’ll perform, company criteria, and how comfortable the fit actually feels to ensure they have found the best pair for their feet and their job. 

Image Source: Oleg Belov / Shutterstock