The Top 5 Golf Shoes Brands and the Standards for Choosing Them

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Someone once observed that it is very dangerous to name a top 5 anything, and with good reason.Some contention shall always come into play when it comes to rating brands, since customer preferences can really vary with different items.Still, if we are talking about the most popularly applied standards being used for a ranking, one might argue that there are indeed top 5 lists to be had.In that sense, one may talk about the most common consumer preferences for comfort, style, function, and price when it comes to a specific production this case, golf shoes.

For golf enthusiasts, the top 5 brands are often made up any five of the following, in no particular order: Adidas, Nike, Ecco, Callaway, FootJoy, TaylorMade, and HiTec.These brands are among the most famous and favoured golf shoe manufacturers in the world, and countless professionals go to them for their golfing apparel needs.Whether or not they shall be in your top 5, of course, is not entirely certain, but there is a pretty good chance you shall be agreeing with the line-up.

Part of the problem with choosing the top 5 gold shoe brands specifically for you would be that there are so many variables coming into play.For instance, you have to consider the shape of your feet.Amusing as it may sound, this is something that shall be likely to determine which of these brands you favour, as certain shoe manufacturers tend to produce golf shoes more suited to a certain foot shape.For example, a lot of people with feet on the wide side tend not to favour golf shoes from brands like Adidas and Nike because shoes from these companies are often better-suited to thin feet.As such, there is a question of what company has the shoes best tailored to the shoe fit you require.

Another question has to do with how big or small your feet are.If you have smallish feet, you shall probably find yourself cleaving more to the companies that have a commitment to Asian markets, because these shall be able to provide smaller sizes than ones more focused on Western sales (as Asian markets require manufacturers to provide for sizes on the lower end of the scale).If you have awkwardly sized feet (read this as meaning half-sizes, like 9 , you shall probably have to stay away from manufacturers that use European sizing as their basis for production, like Ecco.To illustrate, a size 41 shoe for men in Europe is supposed to cover a 7-7 size in the US, which means you get a less precise size than you would want, ideally.

Another truly important consideration to some, perhaps the final one would have to be your price range.People who have rather low budgets tend to favour shoes from brands like Callaway and FootJoy, which are both reliable manufacturers.Somewhere in the middle range are usually those who go for Adidas and Nike shoes, while those who can afford it tend to go with Ecco, which truly has world-class offerings in its product list.

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