For some, shoes are an afterthought, a quick decision before racing out the door. True shoeaholics, though, start at the bottom and work up. We consider our mood and where we’re going as we make the difficult decision between our sparkly flats, racy red pumps, and sophisticated boots.  Only once our feet are covered do we think about covering the rest of us. Here’s a handy guide with tips on what t-shirts you can pair with your favorite pair of footwear.

Ballet Flats

Flats are perfect for wearing everyday ““ they’re comfortable and quick to slip on, but they don’t have to be boring. If you find a cute pair with an animal print, match it up with a cartoon animal t-shirt. Jeans and a t-shirt don’t have to be sloppy looking, especially if you pair them with ballerina shoes and an adorable kitty shirt.


Converse sneakers have been a fashion statement since the company began in 1908. Chuck Taylors symbolize a laid-back attitude, whether they are hi-top or low-top, and people who wear them have a classic and cool style. An ideal shirt to pair with your chucks would be an iconic punk band tee, like the Sex Pistols or the Ramones, the more vintage the better. Here’s an awesome Ramones t-shirt that would look great with a pair of black and white Converse hi-tops.

Dr. Martens

Lace-up leather boots are best suited for an edgier look. A great idea would be to take an oversized men’s tee and modify it to fit how you want. Go to any thrift store and search through the 2X section for something that catches your eye. After that, grab a scissors and get to work. Cut off the sleeves, make a slit into the collar to change the tee into a v-neck, sew up the sides to make it more fitted ““ whatever you want! There are a ton of great videos on YouTube, like this one, that give step-by-step instructions.

High Heels

You don’t need to be invited to a formal affair to wear high heels. Pumps can give any outfit a sophisticated feel, even if you are just wearing skinny jeans and a plain tee. Complete your look with a basic t-shirt ““ a solid color, nothing too flashy, but feel free to pick something out with a few embellishments. A v-neck from Gap would be great: its fit is classic and flattering, and the beads around the collar add a nice touch of excitement.

Motorcycle Boots

If you’re rocking a pair of motorcycle boots, you might as well go all out and pick up a Harley Davidson tee to go with it. A vintage style shirt will add a level of credibility to your look, especially if you don’t actually have the bike sitting in your driveway. The boots would like great over the top of some skinny leg pants or paired with a jean mini skirt a vintage, soft-fit Harley shirt would fit with both perfectly.

Image Credit: Shoe photos are from Zappos, v-neck photo from Gap, and t-shirt photos from T-Shirts.com.