The Auction Site For Shoe Lovers

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Manolo Blahnik Cuticula - Gold

Do you love shoes? Who doesn’t? Unfortunately, most of us have Blahnik taste on a Wal-Mart budget.

If The Shoe Doesn’t Fit, the auction site for shoe lovers, was created to remedy that problem”¦ and so much more. www.iftheshoedoesntfit.com is a new online auction site launched in Spring 2010 to help shoe lovers buy and sell fabulous shoes without having to wade through other merchandise. It has been designed to provide individuals and businesses with a simplified, low cost solution to selling shoes online.

The site is tailored to people who love shoes and everything that goes along with them. www.iftheshoedoesntfit.com has categories for shoes and shoe-related items: Footwear that would satisfy everyone including the funky fashionista, the star athlete, and even the shopper who wears the unusual size shoe. Sellers can offer shoe supplies and accessories as well; shoe cleaners, and laces and polish, oh my!

Buying shoes at online auction sites is nothing new, but buying from an auction site that sells ONLY shoes is!! Forget plowing through UFO detectors and shrunken heads (yes, those things have actually been auctioned off online!). There are no distractions to take away from the focus on shoes and feet when shopping on www.iftheshoedoesntfit.com. Distractions on those other sites may mean spending more money! It’s like going into a Target for light bulbs and leaving with Isaac Mizrahi’s new spring collection. No need to worry about stumbling upon a digital camera or new phone when the desire is for a pair of Uggs.

www.iftheshoedoesntfit.com was designed to simplify life for the online seller and their business. The fee to list on the site is $1.00″¦that’s it. Pay a dollar, post the shoes. Sell the shoes, keep the money. There are no final value fees, no fees for photos, bolded headlines, highlights or gallery listings. It’s simple and affordable. Sellers who choose to can create an online store for only $15 a month and receive a 5% discount on listings.

Though the site is ideal for larger online sellers, it’s also easy enough and within the means for the casual seller as well. Perfect for the gal who runs out of space in her closet but can’t bear the thought of throwing away her forgotten footwear; she can make some money and buy new shoes! She can spend a dollar at McDonald’s and get two apple pies, or she can spend a dollar on www.iftheshoedoesntfit.com and turn enough profit to buy two pairs of candy apple peep-toed pumps instead.

Different and unique on www.iftheshoedoesntfit.com is the opportunity to swap shoes. Without ever having to leave the comfort of home or step out of pajamas, shoe lovers can connect with people who share their sense of style and shoe size. Listing shoes for swaps is similar to an auction, only people “bid” what they want to trade, and it still costs only $1.00. A quick and easy registration process is a step in the right direction for shoe shoppers and shoe sellers.

To sell, swap or shop for shoes, www.iftheshoedoesntfit.com is the perfect place!

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  1. Year,shoes is important in our daily life.We have to protect our feet not hurt from shoes.So choose a pair of comfortable shoes is important.Thank you for your post.

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