The Accessories Make the Outfit: How to Accessorize Like a Pro

The Accessories Make the Outfit: How to Accessorize Like a Pro
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Do you ever get surprised how some girls always manage to look awesome no matter what they wear? You’ll find them just rocking a t-shirt and a pair of jeans, but still, they look stylish.

Accessories play an essential role in transforming an outfit from basic to fabulous. The right accessories can make a plain outfit have a stylish, polished look.

Two people could be wearing the same clothes, but how they accessorize may make those clothes appear very different from one another.

Here’s everything you need to know on how to accessorize:

From Plain Boring to Stylish Look

You can turn a plain boring outfit into a guaranteed stylish look with the accessories you choose.

For instance, a plain black dress, a pair of nude heels and a blazer is an appropriate office look. But, to give it a casual evening look, you can add a pop of color by wearing red heels, a chunky necklace, and a matching bracelet.

The same outfit can be converted into a casual daytime look by pairing it with a denim jacket, hoop earrings, and a good pair of the canvas.

Accessories will define your outfit. You can change an outfit from being official to a casual look by the type of accessories you wear.

Men can accessorize too. For instance, if you’re wearing a plain grey suit with a white shirt, that’s considered a perfect look for the office. But don’t you think it’s a bit boring?

For a more engaging look, you can accessorize with a black leather belt with matching shoes, a classic silver watch and a pair of black and silver cufflinks.

Here are some guidelines to help you accessorize any outfit.

1. Accessorize According to the Occasion

Know the occasion and where you are going before you settle on a particular outfit. For formal outfits, keep the jewelry minimal and avoid too much of boldly colored outfits.

However, don’t keep your outfits dull and boring for you might portray a less engaging personality.

For a daytime look, you can dress in a bold color outfit and add some funky jewelry such as beaded bracelets and necklaces for a fun and casual look.

For occasions such as weddings, keep your outfit classic and accessorize with matching jewelry such as a pair of ruby earrings with a ruby necklace. You can also go for something stylish – a gold heart bracelet, for example.

2. Avoid Matching Too Much

Although matching pieces in an outfit may result in a clean and polished look, it can become boring too. You can mix and match colors, prints, and patterns for a more fresh and modern look.

However, avoid mixing and matching specific colors or designs you aren’t sure of before doing a background check.

3. What of Cold days?

During cold days, you might be tempted to dress down and not accessorize. However, ensure you have at least one accessory as part of your outfit despite the cold weather.

For instance, you can wear a plain trench coat and add a patterned scarf to keep you warm on a cold rainy day.

For an all-white dress, you can put on a belt that will be a statement piece. Always remember to put on at least one accessory that will be the statement piece for your outfit.

4. Pay Attention to the Type of Jewelry You Buy

Observe the outfits in your closet first before buying certain types of jewelry. If you have clothes with too many prints and patterns, go for a calm set of jewelry.

If you’re wearing a plain Jane outfit, go for a set of jewelry that will bring your outfit back to life.

When buying jewelry, ensure you have a little bit of everything from calm to bold jewelry.

5. Accessorize According to Your Body

Any accessory should play a complementary role and boost your body confidence. For instance, if you’re short and a little bit chubby, put on a longer necklace that hits slightly below the bust. This makes you look taller and leaner.

If you’re tall and slender, necklaces hanging just above the bust will work for you.

6. Remember, You Can Redesign Accessories

You don’t have to invest too much on buying all kinds of accessories if you know how to accessorize.

One accessory can serve multiple looks. You can shorten a long necklace for your rounded collar tops. You can use the same belt for different outfits to have different looks.

If your closet is full of solid colors such as black, consider adding more accessories instead of buying more outfits.

If a particular design on trending accessories fails to meet your needs, take it to an expert and have it readjusted to your preference.

7. Add a Little Bit of Color to Your Look

Wearing colored outfits can be a little bit tricky. This is because, if you make a mistake while accessorizing, the whole look will appear messy.

You can add a dash of color to a solid colored outfit and upgrade it. A colorful outfit requires minimal accessories; otherwise, it will appear overdone.

You can add just a pair of stud earrings to an outfit with bold prints and patterns and put on hoop earrings to match a plain black dress.

How to Accessorize Should Take Personality into Consideration

If you want to always look good, you must know how to accessorize. If you’re a beginner, you can check up on beginner friendly guidelines.

Always remember that practice makes perfect, and with time, you will learn how to style your outfits and accessorize them elegantly.

The secret to looking awesome lies in dressing according to your personality. You need to choose a comfortable outfit. That way, it will be easy to accessorize them.

Be on the lookout for new trends and see how you can apply them as part of your grooming. While at it, keep tabs on our blog for more fashion tips.

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