As every woman (and man) knows, shoes can make or break a vacation. If you pack the right shoes, your vacation will go off without a hitch, but if you forget to pack your favorite heels, or take a new pair of shoes that end up rubbing your feet raw, it could be an uncomfortable two weeks of purgatory. Here is a quick guide to the only four pairs of shoes you will need in your luggage from

Trusty Pair of Trainers

You can’t go wrong with a trusty pair of trainers. It is probably wise to leave your gym trainers at home, especially if they smell a little ripe, but a plain white pair of trainers is a good match for most outfits. This type of shoe is comfortable and practical, which is perfect if you have some strenuous hikes or sightseeing trips planned. When negotiating a rocky path around an ancient temple, the last thing you need on your feet is a pair of flip-flops, so be prepared and take your comfy trainers.

Glamorous Pair of Heels

Hopefully you have some hot dates or clubbing nights out planned when you head off overseas this year. If you do, a pair of heels is a must-have travel accessory. Slinky dresses always look better with a pair of sexy heels. If you are packing light, take a pair of nude heels in the style of the Duchess of Cambridge, as they will mix and match with most outfits. Otherwise, stick to white or black heels for extra flexibility. Heel height doesn’t matter as long as you can walk comfortably, but consider taking some padded insoles if you are not used to wearing heels.

Everyday Flats

A pair of everyday flats is the perfect choice for lazy days in the hotel or low-key shopping trips. You can war flats when you go to the hotel restaurant, or slip them on when you leave the beach for the day. Flat shoes are versatile enough to wear with a cute boho dress or a pair of skinny jeans. Mix and match your flats with a variety of different outfits – they take up very little room, so you can pack more than one pair in your suitcase.

Sandals for the Summer

A pair of sandals is essential footwear for a summer trip. Sandals look great with any outfit, and if you choose a pair of sandals with a heel, you can even wear them on a night out. Strappy sandals are super sexy. Celebrities love gladiator sandals, but check out the latest styles and choose a pair that best fits your personality. Go for tan leather sandals if you want to stay flexible, as they look good with virtually any garments.

If you only have room in your case for one pair of shoes, wear a pair of trainers for the journey and pack a pair of sandals for the rest of your trip. For a weekend city break, skip the sandals and pack some heels instead.