Remember the first pair of Christian Louboutin black pumps I ordered from Tradesy? A size 37.5 was too small that I couldn’t even get my feet into them. Luckily Tradesy lets you return any order for any reason, and they even pay for the postage to send them back. So I sent those back, and when my credit was back in my account, I ordered size 38 in a slingback pump. I really wanted a classic pump, but the slingback pumps were a size larger and less expensive than the classic pumps.

But when I received the Louboutin slingback pumps, the actual “sling” part seemed a bit stretched out. This did allow them to fit me, but the heels were so wobbly on my feet that I couldn’t even take a step without tripping or falling. So I sent them back as well.

I now was on the look out for a size 38.5 thinking that would be the perfect size for me, and I ordered these beauties after I got my return credit again:

CHRISTIAN LOUBOUTIN Simple 85 Leather Eu 38.5 Us 8.5 Black Pumps

I prayed these would fit my feet when they arrived earlier this week, but they were a no go as well! I could fit my feet into them, but they were so tight that I couldn’t even stand in them. There was more toe cleavage and overage showing than toes inside!

Christian Louboutin Black Pumps

You can definitely tell that these Louboutins have been touched up with the red paint on the bottom soles and black shoe polish, almost too touched up to make them look fake, and I don’t want anyone to think they are fake! Anyway, I dropped them off at the post office today and will wait once again for my credit to order yet another pair. Should I go with a 39 or up the ante and go for 39.5 or even 40? I can always stuff them if too big. I just want them in time before January as I’m the emcee for Affiliate Summit then!

Do Christian Louboutin sizes run small? I say yes!

My friend, Tracy, is cursing me for telling her about Tradesy now! I’m telling you that you can buy pre-owned and gently used designer shoes, clothing, handbags and accessories on the cheap! I search by brand, then size, then condition availability (tick “In Stock” as seeing “Sold Out” merchandise is just disappointing), then Sort by Lowest Price for the best deal. I’m off now to buy a Fossil watch…