Lovin’ Shoe Shoppin’ Sales

In my latest Shopping Bookmarks’ e-newsletter, I featured the following Shoe Deals… Payless ShoeSource BOGO! Buy One, Get One 1/2 Off Everything! ShoeBuy 20% off Plus FREE Shipping! Code: COLUMBUS07 Chinese Laundry Shoes 25% off Shoes! Code: CELSFF2007 Nordstrom Free Shipping on Entire Order when you order Shoes! Women’s Skechers ® Somethin’ Else Pull-ons only […]

Skechers Cali Women's Rumblers-Hope Float Wedge Sandals

My Favorite Skechers Sandals

I promised to write about my current (subject to change with a new purchase) favorite Skechers Sandals. These Skechers Expose Sandals won a top six spot of the shoes I didn’t pack away. I actually bought them at the same time I purchased my Aerosole Mules. They are quite comfortable (and notice nothing between the […]

My Poor Aching Feet

My cousin felt sorry for my aching feet and loaned me a pair of her old Skechers tennis shoes to wear while painting. I am partial to Nike sneakers, but beggers can’t be choosers. This is the first pair of Skecher sneakers I have owned, and I can’t complain yet. I doubt she wants them back […]

Aloha from Between my Toes

I remember as a kid calling flip-flops “thongs”. My aunt called them “toady parts”. Don’t ask me why. But if I slip and say “Where’s my thongs?” today, my kids have a fit, as obviously they only associate thongs with g-string underwear. Anyway, I always hated to wear both kinds of thongs. Can’t stand things […]