an american luxury walkin closet with many space. 3d rendering

6 Tips To Create The Dressing Room Of Your Dreams

Isn’t it every little girl’s dream to have her own dressing room in her home? Or even just a massive closet to house your ever-growing shoe collection? We’re all guilty of a little shopping addiction now and then. But to avoid the walk of shame, and give yourself space to appreciate your growing collection, your […]

Shoe Hoarding: Practical Tips to Truly Make Space in Your Closet

Shoe Hoarding: Practical Tips to Truly Make Space in Your Closet

You are already quite bored of drawing a parallel with beloved Sex and the City character Carrie Bradshaw and shoemania. To this day there isn’t a better way to depict such a radical relationship one can form with their footwear. But the problem rarely addressed in that show is the space needed for all those […]

Closet Organization For Your Shoes

The state of your closet reflects the depth of your love for shoes. If you see them as just accessories, afterthoughts that keep your feet safe from the elements, they’re probably lying in a haphazard pile. But if you see them as the bread and butter of a stunning outfit, you’ll treat them with a […]

Creative Ways To Display Your Shoes

If you have a collection of unique shoes, finding a way to display your treasures can be an important aspect of your room decor. Each pair deserves a special place where you can view your prized possessions and easily choose just the right accessory for your outfit. Working with limited closet space or many pairs […]