The attacks in Paris have left many of us wondering how we can help. So far, all I’ve been able to do to keep them in my prayers. #PrayersForParis

When I saw that The Luxury Spot posted 10 beautiful French products to buy to support France, and one of the items featured was Repetto ballerina flats, I knew that was a great indirect way to support the French economy. And what woman can’t use a great pair of ballerina flats?

Repetto ballerina flats

Image Credit: France Today

Repetto is an iconic French luxury brand created in 1947 by Rose Repetto, after her son, choreographer Roland Petit, would come home from classes complaining of sore feet. Repetto initially created shoes for the Paris Opera Ballet, but they have evolved into a luxurious brand offering ready-to-wear footwear and handbags, in addition to their classic dancewear. Repetto has become internationally known for its classic ballerina flats.

Support our French allies by purchasing Repetto ballerina flats from any of these fine online retailers: