As the summer draws to a close, it serves us with a reminder of the notorious unpredictability of our weather. Just because it’s sunny when you leave the house, it doesn’t mean that it will remain that way over the coming hours! So searching for, and finding, a pair of shoes that you can wear day-to-day in any weather (whilst still looking good!) can be a troublesome task to say the least.

One of the most popular solutions to this stylish/weatherproof footwear problem comes from designer Toni Pons. Providing a classic wedge style, Toni Pons wraps your feet in wonderfully comfortable, pretty fabrics. Below I’ve picked out two of my favourite wedges from this year, both of which are available from Manuka Shoes.

Toni Pons ““ Low Wedge in Taupe Linen – £55

A personal favourite of mine from the Toni Pons collection is this low wedge in taupe linen (see below). With suede ruffle detail and a 5cm heel, this shoe has a wonderfully rustic, vintage feel about it and is versatile enough to match all sorts of outfits. It complements pastel colours gorgeously or can cool down a bright dress effortlessly.

Toni Pons ““ Funky Wedge in Brown & Green – £30

Another favourite of mine from this season, “˜funky wedge’ is definitely an accurate description of these quirky shoes. Featuring a large wedge at 9cm, these really are a great pair of shoes for either the day or night ““ particularly coming to life when coupled with a colourful dress for some alfresco dining! With a rope espadrille and leather lining, these eye-catching shoesare a great way to finish off any outfit in style.

You can find more gorgeous shoes from Toni Pons online at