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Let’s face it: women love shoes. As a man, I’ve never been able to fully explain this phenomenon. Is it the color? Could be. The shape? Who knows. After years of pondering I finally came up with the solution: if you can’t beat them, join them.

Men are starting to be more and more interested in style”¦ particularly shoes. Very few women know that the number of men’s shoe types is actually pretty big. From brogues to penny loafers, from spectator shoes to espadrilles, men have A LOT of choices.

For now, I want to focus on boots suited for men. This type of shoe is pretty much the only acceptable thing to wear during winter, or should I say, during cold temperatures (just in case winter happens to fall during the summer in your region).

Browsing a few shoe stores in the mall will reveal dozens and dozens of models of all shapes and colors. Some of them are good. Others, not so good.

But I’m not just going to show you any boots. I want to show you MY boots”¦ that I already started wearing this winter. So here goes.

Benvenuti suede leather boots

1. Brown Chelsea Boots

This is one of my favorite pair and it is awesome. These boots are so easy to put on and take off. No laces to tie ““ everything’s really fast.

I really want you to take a look at the shape. You’ll see a nice rounded toe cap, with a W-shaped wingtip that remind me of brogues. The part at the top that stretches (to allow the foot to come it) is actually made of a few colors that offer some really nice color-matching possibilities.

This pair of boot suede is great for going to the office as well as going out. Perfect for every occasion.


2. Black leather boots

If you’re an office kind of person, you should have at least a couple of pairs like this one. These are stylish for the simple fact that they are simple. Look at toe-cap: not too round, not square at all and not too long either. It’s just perfect.

If you can find a second pair in brown, that’s great. But if you’re looking for something more interesting (which I hope you do), then how about”¦ this?

3. Suede lace-up boots

It’s not just that suede is really awesome; you have to agree that the grayish color is pretty unique too. The gray is turning brown in some places, and the dark-brown laces match that pretty well. But the really advantage here is the fur lining. After wearing them all last winter, I can tell you they’re very warm.

One thing that you might ask is: how on earth can you wear suede leather during winter? Won’t the rain or snow affect it?

Good question. Suede is generally more sensitive and suede boots require extra care. But the suede you see on boots is actually applied with a special treatment that makes it resistant to humidity. So don’t worry too much about that, as long as you’re getting a quality boot.

Well, those were my suggestions and what I consider to be some stylish boots for men. I know there are lots of other types of boots there, particularly military boots, which are very trendy right now.

All you have to do now is make your pick”¦ and, of course, don’t forget to match boots to the rest of your outfit.

A few tips on how to choose your boots

Look for quality, not quantity. If properly taken care of, boots can last you year after year. If you do the math. An excellent pair will last you more than 2 pairs of generic quality.

Do not wear them too much. This is the main cause why they break sooner rather than later. If you have at least 2-3 pairs, you can wear them by rotation, one day each, and prolong their lifespan.

Take care of them. Suede or no suede, you should apply any protective cream or spray to protect them. Remember that boots have a lot of bad weather to face.

George, BeStylish.org

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  1. Hey guys,

    The 3rd brand is Benvenutti while the second one is not really a brad, it’s made by a really small company in my town… They’re not doing so well financially but they make good stuff.

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