Eastlands Take Me Many Directions

My black Eastland Grenada Loafer dress shoes have to be one of my favorite pairs of shoes.    Eastland’s  tend to  provide more cushion throughout the whole shoe and come with a removable EVA cushioned insole.   Classic and sophisticated, these go wonderful with my black slacks at work, yet  are still casual enough  to […]

A City Shoe with Outback Skills

When I started my new job, I went shopping for a new pair of shoes.   I found a light weight Merrell dress shoe.   This  Merrell Spire Stretch  is the lightest weight shoe I have.    They also goes great  with all my dress clothes, so I can wear it with most anything.   […]

Got BOGO on the Brain?

My Katie Loafer is the most comfortable and stylish loafer I have ever owned.   It is unique by having a higher heel height and thinner heel than all the other loafers which are flat and low heeled.   I buy mostly all my shoes at Payless.   Their prices are outstanding, many times offering […]

Momma, I want some Mia’s!

I love all of the shoe stories  being submitted!   I wish I could add them as fast as they are coming in! Be sure to check back periodically to see all the new submissions. I have over 120 pairs of shoes so I have a lot to choose from and all of them are […]