No Old Lady Shoes for Sarah

I have the most awful feet, and they always hurt.   These Keen Seattle  shoes are awesome.   I have several different models, and can match them to anything.   Best of all, they don’t look like old lady shoes, and no one else is wearing the same thing. ~ Sarah, WI Women’s Keen Seattle […]

All Munro Shoes have Girl Names

I love my Munro American Jolie shoes in the color black. They are super comfortable and come in wide sizes! ~ Lorynn, Texas Munro American Women’s Jolie Casual Shoes are available from Sleek, contemporary style combined with signature comfort and a great fit. Premium leather and fabric upper. Moisture-wicking knitsoft lining. Removable, contoured insole […]

She Wants Her Wallabees!

Clark Wallabees are my favorite shoes of ALL time. Ever since I’ve seen them, I’ve wanted them. Everyday, I would tell my mom.”I want Wallabees!!!!” Yes, EVERYDAY. I finally got them at Christmas. And now I’m going to get 2 more pairs. :):) ~ Ashlee, AL Clark Wallabees are available at Progressive moccasin design […]

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