Steve Madden Hot Couture?

Steve Madden CoutureSteve Madden Couture

I’ve always liked Steve Madden shoes (especially the ones I added yesterday),  but then  I saw these Bukled Bright Multi peep toe pumps  and Bombb  Bright Multi chic booties  .   WTF were they  thinking? And what’s up with the misspelled names? Honestly would anyone ever wear these?   And if so, why?  

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4 thoughts on “Steve Madden Hot Couture?

  1. My wife can get away with wearing shoes like “Bukled” and has a couple off the wall pairs already, and whenever she goes out in public woman are ALWAYS complimenting her shoes…the best part??? She buys them all from the SUPER SUPER SUPER Discount rack…for like $10! Life is great!

  2. Actually, I love these shoes! I have the bukled ones in the multi. They are knock offs of Balenciaga’s though. These shoes are HOT!!!!!!!! I even saw Beyonce rocking the Balenciaga ones!

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