Vigotti Spring Fever

Vigotti Natalia SKU #7452443

When you live in Nebraska, you get to experience all kinds of weather. Winters are cold, and I mean cold.   Below zero is very common. Well today, being early February, we are suppose to have a heat wave. Today is suppose to mid 50, and  that gives me Spring Fever and makes me look forward to summer and sandals. I could oh so see me wearing these Brazilain Vigotti Natalia wedges (on sale now at   They are the  perfect height, and  black goes with  everything.   The little  bit of metal hardware and rivets  dresses them up.  

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2 thoughts on “Vigotti Spring Fever

  1. Also in NE and ready for spring. Almost broke out the open toe sandals today for 50 degree weather, but been awhile since the last pedicure! I just got new shoes in from linked from your site. They are awesome, adorable, etc. Thanks for the info. See pic at my blog (lime green in snake skin!! Yeah baby!)

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