Women's Flex Trainer 4 Training Shoe

Normally I like to do research on shoes that I want to buy and then look for the best deal online. But earlier this month when I was packing to leave for the weekend for Tatym’s soccer tournament, I realized that my Puma tennis shoes were covered in paint! Seems Tatym “borrowed” them for work where she had to paint. And my Everlast tennis shoes have been converted to “mowing shoes”, so I was tennis shoe-less. Even though Tatym’s soccer team’s color is Kelly Green, I didn’t feel like wearing grass-stained shoes.

So off the mall I headed. I went to all of the stores that sold Nike tennis shoes looking for the best deal. I figured since I would have to pay for these shoes myself (the others were sent to me for free to do reviews), I would buy my all-time-favorite brand of athletic shoes.

Kim wearing Nike shoes

I ended up buying these Women’s Nike Flex Trainer 4 shoes at Famous Footwear, which were/are on sale for $49.99 (regularly $64.99). I wish they would’ve been having their BOGO sale as I ended up buying another pair of shoes that I’ll review in another post.

Kim wearing Nike shoes

My daughter, Macy (the fashionista of my girls) told me they were ugly, but the other soccer moms liked them (or so they said). Above is a photo I took while sitting in the bleachers waiting for Tatym’s soccer game to start. (Their team got second place in that tournament.) Notice my pom-pom socks?!

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Nike Flex Trainer 4 Shoes

Pros: Comfortable; Affordable; True to size.

Cons: Mesh allows wetness in (if the grass is wet or it’s raining); Inside mesh panel was a tad saggy (but I didn’t notice again after the first day).

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But the pros definitely outweighed the cons, and I do recommend these Nike Flex Trainer 4 tennis shoes. Buy your own now

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