The sneaker is one of the most iconic shoe fashion designs of all times, with its strength, design attributes and fashion sense, the shoe design in its own right is of great importance and does justice with any combination of apparel wear. It is also the universally accepted footwear worn by people of all ages or groups.

Pink adidas sneakers

Although people may argue that it only attributes function and not in fashion as the sneaker provides stability, traction and support while running or walking, it is the driving force and a new form of the athletic shoe, however in the modern sense, sneakers are now being adapted as a causal fashion wear which plays a larger role in shaping appearance in foot fashion.

There are two types of people who would prefer wearing sneakers:


These people generally act like normal or regular people who don’t know anything about the latest fashion trend, they like following other people who they think look cool with their current fashion choices.


These are the people who consume fashion for their functionality and play it simple as they are more attuned to visual style than fashion per se.

Fashion sneakers are the modern invention with its roots dating back to the industrial revolution as it was first made as a rubber sole for the white canvas upper. Later on, it was termed as a tennis shoe and then the Converse All-Star introduced its sneaker product line and became the world’s most popular sneaker shoe. With its highly supportive ankle and comfort, it made success stories in the world of sports shoes, especially for the basketball game. Adidas Superstar Sneakers were highly popular as well. 

Converse Sneakers

Sexless Sneakers

These sneakers are ‘old school’ but would prefer the term ‘first school’ as these were one of the earliest shoes to hit the market. More modern attributes are added to its design and functionality and it soon became the classic choice for teenagers going to schools or colleges. It went through many modifications before becoming a popular teenage fashion choice in the 50s. It showcased the image of the rebellious youth with the basic combination of clothing style including a Levis jeans, a white t-shirt and a pair of white sneakers.

Not long before, it became the universal footwear for students and sports star as it symbolized middle class aged group teenagers with Ivy League attitude. One of the most prominent features for the sneakers was that they were cheap, durable and were being adapted by teenage boys and girls to illustrate the modern fashion trend and its dominance as a fashionable sports wear shoes.

Sexless Sneakers

With shoes being made for every sport, sneakers were made just for the casual fashion wear. More young women began demanding a style alternative shoe to high heels and choose sneakers for their durability and comfort.

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