BKE Sole Cheetah Shoes

Squeak's New ShoesBKE Sole Cheetah Shoe

I recently got these herringbone mary jane shoes from the Buckle.com and love them! Normally when I get shoes with a rounded toe, they hurt my feet. I bought these a half size bigger than normal, and that just may be the trick to not hurting my feet. These  BKE Sole Cheetah shoes have several shades of browns which is great as sometimes browns are hard to match, but  these  match several hues.

3 thoughts on “BKE Sole Cheetah Shoes

  1. I saw Squeak wearing these the other day, and they are cute!

    Personally, not sure I’d wear brown hose with them though – I’d probably opt for nude or off-white/cream.

    P.S. Yesterday was Squeak’s birthday!!!

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