When looking for the perfect pair of shoes, one must know exactly how to sift through the Retail Shoe Store Supplies. Stores can often carry hundreds to thousands of pairs of shoes at one time. While most designer stores will only carry a few of the newest lines, regular big box stores will carry old, new, and clearance items. This can be great if you are looking for a quick pair to get you through a minor event, but not so good when looking for the best pair of shoes for a more special occasion.

It is important you know exactly what type of shoe you plan to wear before heading into the store. When you first walk in the store, grab an employee and ask her where those types of shoes can be found. This will help you navigate the store better and save you a lot of time.

When you find the right type, only look for the colors that will go with your outfit. If you do see a pair you like in a different color, ask the associate if they have the color in stock or if it can be ordered. This can land you the right pair of shoes fast. The associate should know every pair in the store, so utilize them to your full advantage. That is what they are there for.