Shoes For Life - How to Shop Smart & Care for Them

I am a shoe-lover and a bargain-hunter in equal measure. While I get a serious rush bringing the perfect pair of shoes home, that euphoria is only ever in full-effect when I’m also confident I’ve saved money in the process. I have learned through the years that buying shoes is fun, but buying them without blowing my budget is awesome!

Shoes especially made for walking generally last 500 miles, and though you probably won’t get quite that much mileage from your stilettos, if you provide the appropriate provisions for them you may come close.

Beyond that, if you invest just a small amount of thought into the care of your shoes, your money will go further, and your shoes will be a staple of your closet for the long-haul and not just a season or two.

Stack Those Savings

When you find the perfect pair of new shoes you may be tempted to immediately shell out the full amount. But if you’re truly invested in saving as much money as you can, then patience is in order. Those who have graduated from beginner savings stacker to old pro know that it requires some time and some elbow grease.

Those who succeed are those flesh out every opportunity for saving money. Look at:

  • Store Sales: Start by searching the internet, newspapers, and mail for news of sales. If you know what you’re looking for in advance, you’ll be especially ready to spot the right deals that stores offer.
  • Manufacturer Coupons: Manufacturer coupons can often be stacked on top of store sales, and they often have a long shelf-life, not expiring for many months or even a year.
  • Store Promos and Coupons: Make sure you read the fine print, as some coupons can’t be combined with sales. But even if the coupon can’t be combined, there’s a chance it’s worth more than the sale amount, so make sure you hang onto it.
  • Rewards Programs: If you have a store you love a little more than the others, it’s likely worthwhile to sign up for the rewards program. Rewards programs give an extra stacking of savings on top of what the store is offering regular customers, and they are usually pretty good about sending notifications so you know about them.
  • Cash-Back on Credit Card Purchases: The key with credit cards is to make sure you know when to use them. But, if you’re using them wisely, then you may be able to align shoe purchases with cash back offers.  
  • Bonus: Don’t forget price matching. Price-matching becomes a valuable option when you see the shoes you want at a competitive price at a store, but you have good reason to purchase them elsewhere. Perhaps you see an ad, but the store is too far away. Or, maybe you can stack your rewards program savings at one store on top of the savings from another store’s ad.

Maximizing your saving potential is largely a matter of timing. If you see a pair of shoes you need to have, but there is absolutely no way to snag them without paying full price, remember that by applying patience and waiting for a sale or coupon you’ll almost certainly be able to save money on them.

Ensure Your Shoes Go The Extra Mile

If you care about giving your shoes a long and rewarding life, then throwing them in the back of your closet when they’re not in use is one of the worst things you can do for them.

For some reason, we often employ an extra measure of care to clothing preservation that we don’t also extend to shoes. We likely all know the bride that wore her mother’s dress, but probably not the bride that used her mother’s shoes.

This is a two-tier process. Most shoeaholics will be invested both in the daily care of their shoes, as well as the thought that goes into caring for them when they’re out of season.

Depending on the type of shoe it is, it may require frequent maintenance. It’s a shoe-savvy step to look at what care is recommended for the specific type of shoe you’re hoping to wear for years to come. If your shoe is made from a material that is especially sensitive to exposure, like leather or suede, this step is crucial!

Investing in the long-term means also making sure that you’re taking the best steps to take care of your shoe when it’s out of season. Here are some basic steps to ensure your shoes get the care they need during their off-season:

  • Choose smart containers: If cardboard is your go-to type of container, consider going a different route. If the cardboard’s acidic nature doesn’t eat away at your shoes, then the insects that the glue attracts surely will. Instead, consider heavy plastic shoe containers that will better hold-up for the long-haul and fend off bugs.
  • Find the right location: High temperatures and a lot of light can damage both the appearance and structure of your shoes. For best results, opt for a space with minimal light exposure, low temperatures, and a dry climate.
  • Give them space: All of the work you put into protecting your shoes will be in vain if you simply squash them to the bottom of the container. If you can keep them in their original boxes and molds. If you no longer have their boxes, consider filling them with tissue paper and if you must stack, do so from heaviest to lightest.
  • Make sure they’re clean: If there’s a smudge or stain you’ve been planning on tackling, this is the time to deal with it. This ensures that when you pull them out to wear, they’re ready to go.
  • Consider more: If you’ve put in the work to have those Louis Vuittons or Jimmy Choos then you likely want to take the best possible care of them. Sometimes, we have prized possessions that we either don’t feel totally comfortable storing in our home or we simply don’t have room for. In that case, the best option for you may be to invest in a storage space.

You can extend the life of your wallet and your shoes

Shoes are just about the best thing, but scoring those shoes while saving your hard-earned money, now that’s just as good as it gets. It’s important to recognize that if you’ve previously believed that you could not have the dream shoes, the effective budget, and the closet that outlives you, it’s time to recognize that in this area it is possible to have it all.

By becoming a savings stacker pro and caring for the long-term future of your shoes, they can become beloved staples of your closet for decades to come; it simply requires of bit of strategic planning and thought.