Bare Traps Vintage Clogs Advertisement

Check out some awesome retro footwear advertisements like the one show above on the Flashbak website: Vintage Footwear Adverts Unlaced.

There is a “Sole Obsession” exhibit at a museum in Auburn, Washington that features 100 years of shoes that women love but don’t always wear.

TribLive interviews women that have are having a love affair with shoes, while shares how shoes are collector’s items: Stimulate Your C-Spot with Your Fashion Footwear Fetish. The check out Whoopi Goldberg’s shoe collection.

The New York Post reports on this summer’s ugly sandal trend. Refinery29 says you should open your mind to closed-toe shoes this summer. And Scallywag & Vagabond speculates that wearing flatform shoes is guaranteed to kill you this summer.

Maybe I don’t give flip-flops enough credit. A nurse struck by lightning inside her house was saved by her flip flops. And did you know you can wash flip flops in the dishwasher?

The Wall Street Journal reports that feet are getting bigger, and many people wear shoes that don’t fit right. Personally, I think my feet are shrinking the older I get. Thank God foot binding in China has stopped (or I pray it has) while Russia considers banning high heels. And now people are having foot surgery to change the shape and size of their feet.

Special thanks to the “formerly shoe-obsessed” Wayne for contributing the majority of these articles for me to share.