Shoes in the News 2014

Happy New Year’s Eve! As we end the 2014 year, I thought I’d leave you with the latest shoes in the news to recap shoe happenings in 2014. Special thanks to the “formerly shoe-obsessed” Wayne for contributing these “shoe news” articles for me to share!

Because Feet Got A Little Weird and Wild This Year


While you may have every intention of showing up to your holiday parties this weekend in open-toe sandals or pumps, the weather can make big snow boots seem way more appealing. Too bad those clunksters just won’t cut it with your festive look…


I never thought I was pretty enough to be a fashion model—but little did I know that my fabulous feet most definitely were.


It is delightful to have my masters degree in Mechanical Engineering put to use in resolving age old engineering problems.


Artist Zhu Tian crafts high heels. Only instead of creating footwear from leather, plastic or suede, she uses a far more unconventional medium: human flesh.


Ladies, how would you like something like this in the Milwaukee area?! Dubai is home to one of the world’s largest malls — and that mall is home to one of the world’s largest shoe stores!…


The actress has collaborated on a line of shoes with Matisse, and the 20-pair collection includes everything from ankle booties to chunky-heeled sandals.


The designer’s lavish looks resonate with today’s fashion lover.


High heel shoes are today a form of footwear worn almost exclusively by women. Yet, the history of high heels shows us that this was not always the case. On the contrary, high heels were, at various points of time in history, worn by men as well.


An American family have unearthed an Aladdin’s cave of mint-condition vintage shoes in an old building they inherited from their grandparents.


Kenneth Cole’s shoe empire just got a whole lot bigger. On Thursday, the much-billboarded designer will team with Knicks broadcaster and “Today” show correspondent Jill Martin to break the Guinness…


We Have Proof: Men Spend MORE Than Women on Shoes
DSW just sent out a survey with some facts about how we shop for shoes and what we do with them after they’re home and in the closet. Some of the snippets felt predictable: 42 percent of people have worn a favorite pair to a job interview and nearly a quarter have saved a set for sentimental reasons (like the shoes you wore to your wedding or your baby’s first pair). But the ones that really surprised me had to do with dudes.


The online shopping site Gilt employs a Principal Data Scientist, which is unsurprising and probably not that exciting, as far as titles go. However, he decided to find out if certain fashion choices vary by region or if women have certain universal preferences, which makes his job more mildly intriguing. And the result — pretty nifty graph documenting the average heel hight purchased by women in America and Puerto Rico — is quite interesting indeed.


I look forward to bringing you new and exciting shoe posts in the coming 2015 new year. Have a Happy New Year!