Shoes in the News: December ’13 Edition

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The “formerly shoe-obsessed” Wayne has sent me a plethora of interesting articles about shoes lately.  I have recapped all of these from December 2013 in this “shoe round-up” post.  I hope you enjoy the “shoe news” as much as I did reading and compiling them.  Thanks so much, Wayne!

Diva in Deep Thought admits she has a shoe problem.  Say it ain’t so.

Do you have a shoe problem? Read these 23 signs to see if you’re addicted to shoes. Guilty.

One man jumped to his death after being fed up with his girlfriend’s shoe shopping marathon according to Page Six. Good thing, I’m single, eh? asks, “Would you pay $295 for a pair of flip flops? Rubber sandals get high-end makeover as Valentino collaborates with Havaianas.” Not I.

Or would you pay $840 for a shower shoe? Um, definitely not I.

How much would you pay 440-pound iron shoes that cure back pain? Or Camilla Elphick’s Pez Shoes?

I see I’m not the only with a dislike for certain shoe styles (flip flops, ahem). Lauren Sherman from Elle is swearing off heels, and Hannah Ongley from Styleite hates ballet flats.

Urban Outfitters blogs about the history of the clog. I got my first pair of brown clogs in the 70’s as well and have loved them ever since.

How did we ever live without purses that hold a second pair of shoes to wear when heels get to be too much? Huffington Post reports on the SOLSAK bags.

Shoe purses may not be needed after you read about how  high heel pain could soon be a thing of the past, no matter how high your stilettos are due to a new numbing spray, Heel No Pain by Biochemistry that claims to relieve foot pain for up to three hours (via

Nine West launched a cute viral video for Christmas about the many uses that women’s pumps could be used for. Watch it at TubeFilter.

What did you get for Christmas? Microwaveable slippers to warm up cold feet were rumored to be a hot (pun not intended) present idea. Santa never got that memo for me.

I actually got an Amazon gift certificate as a Christmas present, and I just ordered these Aerosoles Lasticity Tall Boots – I’ll review them when I get them! Hope Santa was good to all of you fellow shoe lovers!

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