Shoes in the News

Headlines from Wayne. Commentaries from Kim.

Financial crisis causes women to crave high heels Great, you mean I’m gonna crave shoes even more that we’re in a economic recession? Good thing I’m an authority on saving money.

Police offer free flip-flops to binge drinkers who keep falling over in heels So I have to get drunk to get some free shoes that I hate?

Models rise and fall in high style Maybe they were drunk and need to wear flip-flops?

Store withdraws Chinese-made footwear after rash Thank goodness they spared us pictures.

Work stacking up for shoe-repair shops I’m thinking it’d be less expensive and more fun to just buy a new pair?

In Her (Johnny Choo) Shoes I still can’t believe Elisabeth Hasselbeck endorsed Sarah Palin.

First we have Mandals, now we have Jandals?

Hot Shopping Deals, Coupon Codes & FreebiesThanks for the stories, Wayne!

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