Top 6 Pairs of Shoes That Every Fashionista Should Have

Shoes Every Fashionista Should Have
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“Perhaps the most important things in life are a good bed and comfortable shoes. After all, we spend our whole lives either in bed or in shoes,” said the famous French playwright Marcel Achard. Indeed, you can’t argue with that. However, in addition to convenience, shoes should also have an external aesthetic appearance. Moreover, in the wardrobe of every woman there should be several types of shoes for a certain time of the year in order to shine not only on sunny summer days, but also on cool spring evenings walking around the city

It’s no secret that for some girls, shoes have become a real fetish. Agree, with an indefinable desire every now and then to replenish the already bottomless wardrobe with another pair of shoes or sandals, it is more and more difficult to fight with each shopping trip. However, in the world of women’s fashion, there is still a “living wage” – shoes that must be in the wardrobe.

Elegant pumps, minimalist sneakers, graceful sandals, bright sneakers, versatile ballet shoes and strict men’s style boots – this, in our opinion, is the list of must-have shoes in every woman’s wardrobe. We are sure that it is enough to have just a few basic pairs of shoes to look appropriate and stylish in any situation.

1. Classic Pointed Pumps

We put high heeled pumps at the top of our list. Even if you do not wear stilettos, such a pair must be kept in reserve. No one knows what will happen tomorrow, in a month or in a year: it is quite possible that you will be invited to an audience with the Queen of Great Britain. In general, you need to be prepared for everything in advance.

For passionate lovers of heels, the presence of the perfect pair of shoes in the wardrobe also does not hurt. Graceful, elegant and at the same time versatile pumps are ideal for a cocktail dress, and for an evening dress, and for a frivolous floral outfit, and for a business suit. The main thing when choosing such a pair is to pay attention to several nuances.

2. White Sneakers

White sneakers are the perfect complement to any casual look. There is probably no more suitable shoe that would be so harmoniously combined with jeans of all colors, and retro-style high-waisted shorts, and a light skirt with a colorful pattern. Perhaps the only set with which it is not recommended to wear white sneakers is a strict pencil skirt.

Otherwise, there are no restrictions. The most daring can wear rag sneakers even with a cocktail dress. It’s nice that you don’t have to think about color combinations when composing an image: fortunately, white looks great with a marine stripe, and even with neon shades.

3. Cocktail Shoes

Shoes that have a rounded toe, with medium heels, can complement a long evening dress. Such gentle heels will help to keep the image of a real lady. They are suitable for various events from a wedding party to an atmospheric date.

4. Bright Sneakers

Sneakers came into fashion relatively recently, becoming a real fashion symbol of the “zero” and “tenths”. From a sports uniform, they have turned into a thing that is indispensable these days. Even if you don’t plan to wear flashy sneakers with dresses and skirts, we still recommend getting one pair. More comfortable shoes for walking around the city and meeting in an informal setting simply cannot be found!

To create a modern and stylish look, sneakers from the lifestyle lines of sports brands are best suited. In addition, many fashion brands have been reimagining athletic silhouettes for several seasons in a row, creating sneakers with contrasting panels, unusual grooved soles and even glitter.

5. Sandals

Comfortable sandals with thin or wide straps are the best summer shoes and a great alternative to stiletto sandals. There are a lot of reasons to wear sandals: going to a cafe, walking around the city, going out of town. True, there is a small minus: not everyone can afford to have such shoes in the office or at a business meeting. This is where ballet shoes and pumps with a pointed toe will come to your aid!

6. Boots in Men’s Style

Trouser sets still do not go out of fashion: designers introduce them into their collections in almost every season. The same applies to men’s lace-up boots: brogues, oxfords and derbies. In a modern women’s wardrobe there should be at least one such pair. The most versatile option is black or brown boots. But if you wish, you can get a more fun pair: burgundy, dark blue and even a golden hue. The ideal men’s boots will create a stylish and feminine look in the spirit of Marlene Dietrich, complement a business outfit, and besides, they will be a great addition to a preppy look.

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