Shoe Trends for Summer

Summer Sandals

Summer brings out all the strappy sandals out of the closet which means that you get your pretty feet out for a pedicure. What better way to show off your well groomed feet than buying a stylish pair of footwear that makes it worth the effort? This summer, the shoe trends are full of bling and lots of color.

Summer Shoe Trends

  • Braided Sandals

Braided sandals are minimalistic and elegant, they add a touch of style to even a simple outfit. This season, these sandals have made a huge comeback and are planning to stay. Braided sandals look good with summer dresses and even denims. This time, the braids are a little unique and many colors have been explored by designers.

  • Transparent Shoes

Had that perfect pedicure but the trends all tell you to hide your painted nails? Well, not anymore! This trend is for those of you who believe in suave fashion. These transparent shoes are chic and so elegant that they can be worn with you formal attire too. The transparent vinyl that failed to make an impact last season has come back with a bang.

  • Rivets

Rivets have slowly become shoe essentials because of their sheer versatility. They look good with the traditional outfits like long evening gowns but are also seen to gel well with the summery dresses in amazing prints. Rivets are mostly seen in pumps with high heels and biker boots for a sporty girl.

  • Laced sandals

Lacing continues to win the hearts of designers because of the sophistication is brings to an outfit. Although it was seen in almost every style last season, this year, lacing seems to have gone off boots but stays on the rest. Wear these laced and tie up sandals with short dresses or medium maxis. You could also combine them with capris and denim dresses.

  • Wedges and Espadrilles 

Unlike the other styles, wedges and espadrilles do not show love for colors. This style still seems to be sticking to the neutral and basic hues of nudes, whites and blacks. Wedges with braiding seem to be making a mark on many designers.

Your shoes not only complete your outfit but should also be essentially comfortable so that you don’t look weird wearing something you can’t carry off. Always invest in a pair of good quality because your feet need the best they can get. And don’t forget to put on your favorite nail color to make your feet just as stunning as the rest of your body.

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