Shoe Trends For Spring/Summer 2016

Well, aren’t we all excited about spring finally being here, thankfully there’ll be more to look forward to than just a closet full of sweaters, jacket and nothing but boots. For shoeaholics who are always on the hunt for trends to transform their shoe collection in innovative ways, there’s so much you need to plan for. However, to take your shoe game to a whole new level you should know what the runways and celebrities are adorning their feet with to walk a mile or more in style. We’ve summed up some of the most sighted and loved trend in footwear so that it’s easier for you all to choose the right shoes for this season.

Comfortable Heights

Pink wedge heeled sandals

For all we know, you’ll be comfortable even when you get the height advantage from your shoes. Yes, your trend loving feet will be enjoying a good amount of block heels this season. Like it or not, the shoe force is all on your side and choosing comfort along with style. Also, the 70’s and 90’s fashion renaissance has brought back those grandma heels, and for good reason for they look uber chic with classic culottes or cropped trousers.

Mules Rule

For the love of mules (and of course, shoe comfort) they are back and quite evidently will stay for quite a while. Like we said, there is no compromising on your stable strut – hence, more mules, and those too, in all the styles you need for the season. It is totally up to you, whether you keep them flat or add some heeled edge to them. You either go for nudes, basics, pastels or for some real color pop. To play it safe, keep them simple because you have more options to be funky with.

Lace ‘em Up

Silver snake tie-up sandals 3 (71)

You know how laces and straps in shoes add more to the beauty of your feet and legs, altogether. The way they delicately wrap around and bring out more than the usual charm is what we all love about strappy sandals and laces. These are the kind of right-shoes; they talk about conquering the world in. You can choose colors as vibrant as those of the rainbow or again, go as subtle and soothing as pastels. For a regular, day-to day wear, your best bet would be, flat sandals with laces that are in the most basic colors as, black, tan, brown, camel or even white. Sandals and shoes with a suede finish are all the rage this year.

Futuristic Feet


If you have a penchant for style experimentation then this is the time to try out shoes with innovative designs or those with an element of funk to them. They can have the metallic silver streaks or can be booties that are just different. The flat form style of shoes is still in vogue and can be made new with something extravagantly different in them.

Sneak Up in Sneakers

Nike sneakers

The sneakers can never go out of style, be a bit fashion forward about them and try to look out for sneakers you wouldn’t usually wear. Those with metallic details or, a slightly different design can be your best foot forward.