It can be confusing to find the current trends when many magazines have been reporting on what to wear next Autumn/Winter. However it is important to concentrate on what we will be rocking this Spring/Summer.

Many designers such as Jil Sander and Burberry Prorsum were showing jewelled brights which is a stark contrast to the beiges and camels everyone has succumbed to through the Winter months. As always it is important to match you accessories to your outfit. Nothing is more important than the number one accessory; the shoes.

When looking at shoes to match this color trend, it is hard to pass up these women’s shoes from Melissa:

These wonderful red Melissa Patchuli peeptoe wedge shoes ($140 from have the added bonus of being made out of Plastic and synthetic material. This has made the Melissa brand extremely popular with the Vegan community; as you can have a stylish shoe without having to buy a leather product. All the Melissa shoes come with a smell of bubblegum which fades after a couple of months, however it is a nice touch.

If you want to continue down the ethical fashion route have a look at the collaboration Melissa did with Vivienne Westwood, which has been extremely successful. They have all the traits of the Melissa shoe with the added twist that Vivienne Westwood always brings to her fashion. Dame Vivienne herself is a massive believer in ethical fashion and campaigns for many causes such as the issue of climate change.

Why not carry on following the Spring/Summer trends by sporting an all white look; complete with white shoes:

These Vivienne Westwood Anglomania For Melissa Temptation Buckle Heeled Shoes (available from come complete with gold buckle detail. Now this trend is not for the faint hearted but it was seen everywhere from Alexander Wang to Rick Owens. These shoes would look great paired with a white tea dress for summer. Or if you don’t want to go all white you could use these shoes as the perfect addition to any outfit.

If bright pop colors aren’t your bag, you might want to go for a more “˜rock chick’ look by trying these high heels from Ash:

These Ash Lyn Buckle Canvas & Leather Wedge Sandals (available from are perfect with the studding and buckle detail, and the wedge heels means that they will be easy to walk in too. Pair these with some leather trousers and sheer shirt for a masculine look with a feminine edge.

When looking at Spring/Summer trends it is hard to ignore the amazing prints that popped up in many collections. From Prada’s bananas to leopard print seen at Blumarine. The leopard print trend seems to be a constant in recent seasons, as many designers such as Riccardo Tisci at Givenchy keep using accents of leopard print through out their collections to bring out that rock and roll edge. Think less cheap and tacky and more sophisticated accents.

With this in mind the idea women’s shoe for spring would be these flats by Stuart Weitzman:

Having a hint of leopard print included in your outfit is the way to go for spring so the subtle hint on these leopard print shoes would be perfect. These Stuart Weitzman Shoestring Flats in Miel Leopard Twill (available from will look lovely teamed with a maxi dress and other accessories. Another plus is that they are dressy without being a towering pair of heels.

So no matter what shoe styles you’ll be rocking this Spring/Summer, make sure you have the designer shoes to match and remember whatever you wear, wear it with confidence.