Shoe Style Q&A

In the new June/July issue of StyleWatch Magazine, editor Susan Kaufman has all the answers…

Taryn Rose Branda FlatQ. I walk a lot, but I’m tired of sneakers. Can you suggest stylish, comfy shoes?

A. Cute ballet flats may seem to be the obvious answer, but they lack arch support and have little in the way of padding.   Accessories editor Regina Delgado Gardiner recommends checking out brands such as Taryn Rose (designed by a former orthopedic surgeon; “Branda” flat shown), Naturalizer, Aerosoles and Cole Haan, which specialize in stylish comfort footwear.   All their shoes are created with the anatomy of the foot in mind; many come with rubber soles to absorb impact; and some even use the same type of cushioning found inside running shoes (ie Cole Haan works with Nike to create sneaker-like insoles).

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