Shoe Review: Xhilaration Karima Boots

I all around love these Xhilaration Karima Genuine Leather Brown Boots (also available in Black) that I bought from Target. They fit well, are easy to get on and off and have good tread. The leather withstands water stains, but they are not insulated. They are a fashion boot, so not meant for playing in the snow. These boots can be dressed up or down with cute jeans or a skirt.

All in all, these Xhilaration Karima Genuine Leather Boots are a good quality at a good price, $49.99 from

One thought on “Shoe Review: Xhilaration Karima Boots

  1. I have those boots too and love them. I like your socks. It’s a cute look with the socks peeking thru. Are those just regular wool socks?

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