Shoe Review: Oakley Treaty Slides

Oakley Treaty Slide (Women's) - Chocolate

Oakley is my favorite brand of sunglasses, probably because my great-grandfather’s name was Oakley (I’m now wishing I would have named my son Oakley, but anyhoo…). Did you know that Oakley also makes footwear, too? Mind you, they are just flip-flops and not designer sandals or pumps, but it was news to me!

Pictured above is the Oakley Treaty Slide for women in the color Chocolate, available from Shoe Buy for $35 with free shipping. also carries the same style (and same price), but in different colors: Black and/or Khaki, also with free shipping.

The Treatyâ„¢ Slide is a premium water resistant slide with die cut Red Codeâ„¢ EVA and woven textile wrapped footbed, high traction, high abrasion, durable Unobtainiumâ„¢ rubber outsole, Microban ® antimicrobial treatment, and premium water resistant leather toe post.

$35 is not a bad price when you compare them to the cost of Oakley Sunglasses: (the Oakley Fuel Cell sunglass style run from $100 to $150, and the Oakley M Frame sunglass style runs from $120 to $220).

Anyway, back to the shoes, not bad looking and a good price.   But I still wouldn’t wear them.   Why? Because you long term readers will know that I hate flip-flops and anything between my toes!     But the minute Oakley makes a slide sandal without a “toady” part, I will definitely give them a whirl!   Until then, I’d really like some new Oakley Gas Can sunglasses in polished rootbeer with bronze lenses. I think they would look perfect atop my head holding my hair back (with no nose pieces to pull my hair).   Yes, I’m serious.

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